Britain's smallest venue

Two boxes…

So for those who’ve looked closely, you’ll notice that we’re in two places at once this coming weekend! That is because we got two offers we couldn’t refuse: Battersea Art Centre’s One-on-One festival and…Larmer Tree Festival!

Our residency at Battersea will continue in the courtyard of the art centre with our special guest host Arctic Circle!

Arctic Circle artists confirmed for this weekend in the box include Songdog, Hannah Peel, Sophie Mac, Jack Hayter, Phil M Riot, Jo Bartlett (Jo and Danny), Clem Leek, Fiona Miller, Adelaide’s Cape and Table.

There are shows every night as well as matinees on the weekend. For details and tickets please go here.

Whilst this is happening in London, a crew will take down box number 2 to Larmer Tree Festival in North Dorset.

There we will have various guests from the Larmer Tree festival bill including John Smith, Rita Hosking, Alex Roberts, Raghu Dixit, Dizraeli and many more besides. The box will be in the Lostwood and open for business between 12 and 5pm on friday 16th, saturday 17th and sunday 18th.

Hope to see you in the box!


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