Britain's smallest venue

Folk in a Box went missing on the mean streets of London…….We had to build a new one…..AND IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!

We were distraught when we discovered that our two fantastic boxes had disappeared from our lock up. What a shocker. Especially as we had a gig in a week’s time at the Southbank Centre for  National Poetry Day, with poets from throughout the land performing in the box!

But we all came together and sorted it out. We made a brand new box and it is a corker! We covered the box in pages from old books and made the room into a little study, with a wooden desk, an 80’s tape player and a reading lamp. A horde of strange and lovely poets gathered around us like highly articulate bumble bees. They read their poems to eager poetry lovers and all went swimmingly. Everyone got a bit over excited when Simon Armitage went in the box and we even had a monstrous paparazzi beast taking snaps of our souped up shed of Folk! What a fantastic day.



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