Britain's smallest venue

Stroud meets Folk in a Box

We had an incredible weekend introducing Folk in a Box to Stroud.
On Saturday we set up at the crack of 8am amidst the morning hustle and bustle of The Shambles market and opened up shop to those daring enough to see a one-on-one performance in a box (in actual fact it ended up being more than one audience member at a time due to families with kiddies.) Performers over the day included Johnny BarlowHerons!Edwin Von ZschockTom Jacob, Pink Sniper and I also did my time inside.
Johnny Barlow in a box.
Anna and Ben of Herons!

Then on Sunday we relocated to Cornhill right outside of Iceland (which was a funny juxtaposition.) We had the pleasure of many acts returning having enjoyed their Folk in a Box experience the day before, as well as the addition of Ceilidh-Jo and one of Stroud’s finest poets: Adam Horovitz. So all in all, the weekend was a complete success and I look forward to the next time Folk in a Box visits Stroud.


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