Britain's smallest venue

Folk in a Box at the Venice Architecture Biennale

ImageFolk in a Box is currently on display in Venice as an invited participant at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, and has attracted some international press and rave reviews!

The Biennale, which has been curated this year by British architect David Chipperfield, invited the box’s architects DK-CM to bring the project to Venice, so we set off in time for the vernissage days at the end of August just after wrapping up our performances at the Beautiful Days festival in Devon.

For the first few days, the box was fully programmed with performances from Folk in a Box stalwarts and invited Italian musicians: Emily Barker, Dom Coyote, Sam Lee, Mark Ritsema, Stefano Scutari and Sofia Taliani.

The box arrived at the Arsenale exhibition galleries by water, and a video of its arrival accompanied the first few days of the exhibition. During these first few days, the box also travelled (again by canal!) to other Biennale venues to perform, and now a specially commissioned video by Sakiko Kohashi plays alongside the box in the gallery.

The box was reviewed by Rowan Moore, architecture critic of The Observer, as part of his review of the Biennale: ‘The woman ahead of me in the queue came out weeping with emotion, and while my heart was a little harder it was still an intense experience.’ Read more here!

The box was also mentioned in Kieran Long’s article on the Biennale in the Evening Standard, and in the Portuguese newspaper Público, The Architects’ Journal, Building Design, d’Architectures and all over the Italian media.

More news about the Biennale, including our videos, will be posted soon, and the exhibition continues until 25th November.
All photos by Sakiko Kohashi, with the exception of the Box on its travels which is by David Knight.


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