Britain's smallest venue

Not a Box, still a beauty

Designed by SHJ (Simon Hjermind Jensen) Works, Fire Shelter: 01 is a personal project located in at Sydhavnstippen in . Taking inspiration from architecture of ethnic and nomadic people, the starting point for the design emerged from a fascination of the place.

It´s a temporary project and a design experiment that aims to celebrate the place. The project has public access, and it establishes experiences of spatial and social character.

Why do Folk in a Box like this? Well for a number of reasons. But specifically in that it shares a synergy of being a temporary inhabitant in the landscape without leaving a trace, that it evokes a memory of a remnant place, and that fleetingly it provides a place for reflection.

We can’t wait to get Folk in a Box up and about for the year!!


One response

  1. Lin

    This specific blog, “Not a Box, still a beauty |” Sun
    Shades indicates the fact that u fully understand just what you’re communicating about! I fully am in agreement. Many thanks ,Trevor

    March 19, 2013 at 2:08 am

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