Britain's smallest venue

Bring on the summer!

Folk in a Box had it’s first outing of the summer last Saturday at SVA’s Site Festival in Stroud.

The sun shone, the rain pored down and we had quite a few eavesdroppers listening when they thought no one was watching…



It was a special one for us, as good old Stroud is our home town. There were Lots of wonderful audience members and performers, including Stroud’s very own Ben Kritikos from local folk-rock heroes Herons.We also had some knee-stomping  one-on-one violin from Misha Law and  a bunch of beautiful songs from her unbelievably talented 10 year old Son Max, the youngest (and one of the best!) singer/songwriters in town.

We’ll be posting information on upcoming festivals and shows in the coming weeks. And if any of you Stroudies missed us on Saturday, we’ll be folking the hell out  out at Art Flee in the SVA Goods Shed from 10 in the morning this saturday too.

Bring on the summer!


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