Britain's smallest venue

Folk in a Box at Sydney festival!

Happy christmas everybody. We’ve got some unbelievably exciting news to share with you…

Folk in a Box is coming to Sydney Festival throughout January 2014! We are making a brand new box especially for the festival and we will be performing in the festival village from 9 – 26 Jan from 5 til 9pm.
Reasons for making a new box?
1. It’ll take about a million years to get our UK box to Sydney
2. We need a box that can handle the crazy heat.
3. We get to design a brand new box…Hoorah!

We’ve got a host of superb Australian artists lined up to perform one-on-one throughout Jan. it’s going to be flippin’ incredible! If you’re an awesome Syndeysian musician and you want to play the most intimate gig of your life, drop us a line at Send us a link to some music and we’ll have a good listen…

Musician/designer Joel Barker has been in charge of the build and he’s just finished making it. Here are a few pics from Folk in a Box Aussie HQ…

photo 4-1

photo 1

photo 1-3

photo 4-2photo 3-2

photo 5-1

Yep, we are excited. Very, very, very, very excited. Australia, come and have a song, just for you, in the dark, it’ll make you cry (in a good way). Check out the Sydney festival village website for more info –

Merry christmas everyone, see you in the New Year!


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