Britain's smallest venue

Sydney, you Rock

We’ve just come to the end of our first week at Sydney Festival. It has been absolutely unbelievable! Mind boggling! Overwhelming! Stupendous! 

We have had queues round the block, the whole bloomin’ time. Sydney siders are going crazy for it. And the Aussies are so relaxed they don’t even mind waiting for up to an hour for the experience! It’s becoming a real community, strangers meeting for the first time, and now we’re getting to know the regulars too. 


Our designer Joel Barker came up with a cracking idea to stick pegs on the box and get people to write messages after being folked. There have been loads of lovely ones. Here are a few highlights… 




We’ve got 40 Sydney musicians booked in for the next few weeks, and the list keeps growing. The demand is so high that we’ve broken our rule of one on one, some people are going in couples or threes and it’s creating a brilliant party atmosphere.  We just figured out that by the end of our time here, over 2000 people will have experienced Folk in a Box. Not bad for the smallest music venue in the world! 

There’s been crying, laughing, dancing, screaming and a few absolute highlights…. Sydney based songwriter Luke Watson got a right treat when an eccentric Japanese chap went in with his trumpet and surprised him with a brass rendition of blowing in the wind. Luke joined in half way through after the initial shock. What a wonder! 


Musician Caitlin Harnett also got a beautiful surprise when her friend from Canada queued up secretly for a turn. They hadn’t seen each other since Caitlin went traveling in Canada and she had no idea that her friend was in the country. We closed the door and there was an almighty scream! Everyone else in the queue totally freaked. It was awesome. 

Oh and Dom Coyote (that’s meactually) nearly passed out when music legend Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) suddenly popped in for a song! I was totally star struck and mumbled utter nonsense to her. She totally loves Folk in a Box! After I finished, she said, “I wish all gigs were like this”. Blimey O’ Riley!

So as you can see, we’re over the moon. It’s the best ever! We’re open tonight from 5-10pm, then we’ve got a coule of days off. Back on Wednesday. If you’re planning on coming down, don’t get there any later than 9.15pm, demand is huge, so be prepared to get in line with a beverage or two….





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