Britain's smallest venue

What a corker – Sydney Festival!

Hey Folks, we are still having the most splendiferously marvellous time at Sydney Festival. Thousands of punters, jaw-dropping guest artists, wonderful sunshine, we couldn’t ask for more! Here are some choice pics of last week…


100’s of messages covering our Aussie box and our never-ending queue of punters


Double bassist Elsen price, just coming out of the box. I know what you’re thinking…yes it did fit…and yes it is a first!


Aussie crew chilling in the green room before the big show


We’ve been bombarded with a plethora of puns!


This is our favourite message this week.


All the way from Nashville USA, it’s Pony Boy!


Ivona Budys brings us another first…Autoharp in a box!

Just one more week to go, man we are gonna miss this place. See you at festival village from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 – 10pm daily….


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