Britain's smallest venue

All finished in Sydney

Well, our Australian adventure has finally come to a close. Our doors were open for 3 whole weeks, with over 60 artists and 1000 individual performances. We reckon about 2000 people experienced it. What an epic little box it is! We are so chuffed with how well it’s all gone, people have absolutely loved it and so have we. Image

We would like to thank Sydney Festival for being utterly brilliant and supportive, all the wonderful artists that performed and all you Sydney-siders who waited patiently for up to an hour at a time! We barely had a grumble from anyone! 

We’ve had  tears, dancing, singing, walkouts (just the occasional claustrophobe! Why they wanted to get shut inside a dark box I don’t know!) laughter, rain, wind and sun sun sun sun sun….Blissful. 

And our box has been covered with literally thousands of beautiful notes and pictures, written and drawn by young and old alike. I’ve got them all in my suitcase now. They way a tonne! We’re not quite sure what to do with them yet, apparently Yoko Ono has an apartment dedicated to all of hers. Maybe we’ll build a box for ours! We’ll post them up over the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few choice pics and notes. Ooh, I’m misting up here….

‘Til the next time Australia! 

Lots of love, 

Folk in a Box. 


This one’s a cracker


We’ve got notes in Spanish, Japanese, German, French…This ones from Korea! Can anyone translate? Hope it’s not a rude one!


Dom Flemons ‘The American Songster’ from North Carolina was an absolute highlight. Rockin’ that old-time banjo in the dark. What a folkin’ bad’ass.





The queue was like this or longer from the minute we opened right up until closing time. Unreal.


Oops, how did that holiday snap get in there? Just chillin’ in the blue mountains now. Awkward. Pretend you didn’t see it…


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