Britain's smallest venue


Amazing Spaces!


Did everyone see us on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces?

Not sure how long it will be available for, but you can watch on 4’s online catch up here:

There was a clip of Emily singing in the box (taken from the mini-documentary film Kieran Short made for us at 2013’s Spitalfields Music festival), and then Dom chatted with George Clarke, and the wonderful Sam Lee performed for him. We didn’t win – well, we didn’t really stand much of a chance, mainly because it’s a public vote and we didn’t tell anyone we were in the competition!


Spitalfields Music Festival 2014

We really enjoyed ourselves at last year’s Spitalfields Music Festival, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that next week the box will be set up at Old Spitalfields Market as part of the 2014 Spitalfields Music Festival.

Come and find us in Bishops Square between 12:30pm and 2:30pm from Weds 4th and Sunday 8th June.

See you next week!

All finished in Sydney

Well, our Australian adventure has finally come to a close. Our doors were open for 3 whole weeks, with over 60 artists and 1000 individual performances. We reckon about 2000 people experienced it. What an epic little box it is! We are so chuffed with how well it’s all gone, people have absolutely loved it and so have we. Image

We would like to thank Sydney Festival for being utterly brilliant and supportive, all the wonderful artists that performed and all you Sydney-siders who waited patiently for up to an hour at a time! We barely had a grumble from anyone! 

We’ve had  tears, dancing, singing, walkouts (just the occasional claustrophobe! Why they wanted to get shut inside a dark box I don’t know!) laughter, rain, wind and sun sun sun sun sun….Blissful. 

And our box has been covered with literally thousands of beautiful notes and pictures, written and drawn by young and old alike. I’ve got them all in my suitcase now. They way a tonne! We’re not quite sure what to do with them yet, apparently Yoko Ono has an apartment dedicated to all of hers. Maybe we’ll build a box for ours! We’ll post them up over the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few choice pics and notes. Ooh, I’m misting up here….

‘Til the next time Australia! 

Lots of love, 

Folk in a Box. 


This one’s a cracker


We’ve got notes in Spanish, Japanese, German, French…This ones from Korea! Can anyone translate? Hope it’s not a rude one!


Dom Flemons ‘The American Songster’ from North Carolina was an absolute highlight. Rockin’ that old-time banjo in the dark. What a folkin’ bad’ass.





The queue was like this or longer from the minute we opened right up until closing time. Unreal.


Oops, how did that holiday snap get in there? Just chillin’ in the blue mountains now. Awkward. Pretend you didn’t see it…

What a corker – Sydney Festival!

Hey Folks, we are still having the most splendiferously marvellous time at Sydney Festival. Thousands of punters, jaw-dropping guest artists, wonderful sunshine, we couldn’t ask for more! Here are some choice pics of last week…


100’s of messages covering our Aussie box and our never-ending queue of punters


Double bassist Elsen price, just coming out of the box. I know what you’re thinking…yes it did fit…and yes it is a first!


Aussie crew chilling in the green room before the big show


We’ve been bombarded with a plethora of puns!


This is our favourite message this week.


All the way from Nashville USA, it’s Pony Boy!


Ivona Budys brings us another first…Autoharp in a box!

Just one more week to go, man we are gonna miss this place. See you at festival village from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 – 10pm daily….

Sydney, you Rock

We’ve just come to the end of our first week at Sydney Festival. It has been absolutely unbelievable! Mind boggling! Overwhelming! Stupendous! 

We have had queues round the block, the whole bloomin’ time. Sydney siders are going crazy for it. And the Aussies are so relaxed they don’t even mind waiting for up to an hour for the experience! It’s becoming a real community, strangers meeting for the first time, and now we’re getting to know the regulars too. 


Our designer Joel Barker came up with a cracking idea to stick pegs on the box and get people to write messages after being folked. There have been loads of lovely ones. Here are a few highlights… 




We’ve got 40 Sydney musicians booked in for the next few weeks, and the list keeps growing. The demand is so high that we’ve broken our rule of one on one, some people are going in couples or threes and it’s creating a brilliant party atmosphere.  We just figured out that by the end of our time here, over 2000 people will have experienced Folk in a Box. Not bad for the smallest music venue in the world! 

There’s been crying, laughing, dancing, screaming and a few absolute highlights…. Sydney based songwriter Luke Watson got a right treat when an eccentric Japanese chap went in with his trumpet and surprised him with a brass rendition of blowing in the wind. Luke joined in half way through after the initial shock. What a wonder! 


Musician Caitlin Harnett also got a beautiful surprise when her friend from Canada queued up secretly for a turn. They hadn’t seen each other since Caitlin went traveling in Canada and she had no idea that her friend was in the country. We closed the door and there was an almighty scream! Everyone else in the queue totally freaked. It was awesome. 

Oh and Dom Coyote (that’s meactually) nearly passed out when music legend Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) suddenly popped in for a song! I was totally star struck and mumbled utter nonsense to her. She totally loves Folk in a Box! After I finished, she said, “I wish all gigs were like this”. Blimey O’ Riley!

So as you can see, we’re over the moon. It’s the best ever! We’re open tonight from 5-10pm, then we’ve got a coule of days off. Back on Wednesday. If you’re planning on coming down, don’t get there any later than 9.15pm, demand is huge, so be prepared to get in line with a beverage or two….




Folk in a Box at Sydney festival!

Happy christmas everybody. We’ve got some unbelievably exciting news to share with you…

Folk in a Box is coming to Sydney Festival throughout January 2014! We are making a brand new box especially for the festival and we will be performing in the festival village from 9 – 26 Jan from 5 til 9pm.
Reasons for making a new box?
1. It’ll take about a million years to get our UK box to Sydney
2. We need a box that can handle the crazy heat.
3. We get to design a brand new box…Hoorah!

We’ve got a host of superb Australian artists lined up to perform one-on-one throughout Jan. it’s going to be flippin’ incredible! If you’re an awesome Syndeysian musician and you want to play the most intimate gig of your life, drop us a line at Send us a link to some music and we’ll have a good listen…

Musician/designer Joel Barker has been in charge of the build and he’s just finished making it. Here are a few pics from Folk in a Box Aussie HQ…

photo 4-1

photo 1

photo 1-3

photo 4-2photo 3-2

photo 5-1

Yep, we are excited. Very, very, very, very excited. Australia, come and have a song, just for you, in the dark, it’ll make you cry (in a good way). Check out the Sydney festival village website for more info –

Merry christmas everyone, see you in the New Year!

Young Vic, Kings Place and other summer events

We’re delighted to announce that Folk in a Box will be at The Young Vic in August for five days of exclusive one-on-one performances…

We’ll also be at the wonderful Beautiful Days festival in Devon, Sroud Fringe Festival, and finishing off the summer back in London at Kings Place Festival in September.

The dates and links are on our events page here:

Critic’s Choice in Time Out


Time Out says

Tue Jun 4 2013

If you spot someone in tears in the Spitalfields Market area between June 18 and 21, chances are they’ll have just experienced Folk in a Box. A one-on-one folk gig that takes place in a special, hut-like performance space with a front door for the audience member and a back door (replete with whisky bar) for the performer, this is the brainchild of the wonderful Aussie folk singer Emily Barker (she of the UK ‘Wallander’ soundtrack) and her husband Dom Coyote. Borrowing the craze for intimate, bespoke performances from theatreland, it’s already seen Sam Lee, Ragu Dixhit and, erm, Newton Faulkner face fans eye-to-eye, and travelled from Tate Britain to Venice. Now they’re planning an epic journey from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. But first Londoners can catch it as part of the Spitalfields Summer Music Festival. Confirmed performers include flamboyant ‘circus swing’ and lounge pop artist Gabby Young, country singer Lotte Mullan, purveyor of brittle, political lo-fi guitar pop Chris TT, and Barker herself, who’s just released new album ‘Dear River’.

Bring on the summer!

Folk in a Box had it’s first outing of the summer last Saturday at SVA’s Site Festival in Stroud.

The sun shone, the rain pored down and we had quite a few eavesdroppers listening when they thought no one was watching…



It was a special one for us, as good old Stroud is our home town. There were Lots of wonderful audience members and performers, including Stroud’s very own Ben Kritikos from local folk-rock heroes Herons.We also had some knee-stomping  one-on-one violin from Misha Law and  a bunch of beautiful songs from her unbelievably talented 10 year old Son Max, the youngest (and one of the best!) singer/songwriters in town.

We’ll be posting information on upcoming festivals and shows in the coming weeks. And if any of you Stroudies missed us on Saturday, we’ll be folking the hell out  out at Art Flee in the SVA Goods Shed from 10 in the morning this saturday too.

Bring on the summer!

Folk in a Box appearing at site Festival!!

We are very happy to announce that Folk in a Box will be appearing at the site Festival in Stroud in May.

The box will be set up on the 11th and 18th of May. For more information, please head to the festival website below.

The Site Festival is a contemporary arts festival, now in its 17th year, which brings a full and dynamic programme of visual arts, performance, music, screenings, open studios, artist talks and workshops to the Stroud Valleys for the whole month of May.

A great way to kick off our 2013!!